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Alipay's disregard the changing circumstances

Ma had called a metaphor, in the family, Alibaba, is Nitui Zi, is the big brother to college for younger siblings; Taobao is a little sister, lively character, you can get money to buy flowers skirt big brother, and now middle school future, we need for her to Fudan University; third child is Paypal, now in elementary school, but most are ambitious and will probably carry the burden to support their families, so big brother will pay any price for her to Harvard.

A few months ago, Taobao dressed value of 50 million with the dress to change into the "big Taobao," the end of their era of flower skirt. Recently, following the "big Taobao" scheme, the escalating war of words with Baidu, the pay dispute between the Po and the bank has been put on the table, as the gossip on Alibaba's fresh content.

A fundamental question is, in cooperation with Alipay, the bank now why go step by step the point of this dilemma?

Taobao was established in 2003 with the payment of treasure, in the Bank's support for this case, smooth sailing. In the case of a book on Alibaba, Jack Ma to mention, including the first contact with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and finalized in the next several years in succession the other banks, all with the cooperation between Alipay showed "great enthusiasm and great interest. " The reason is: from the bank's point of view to a large number of counters to go through the accounts of small business is the loss of business, as opposed to bank counter staff wages and rent payments in respect of banks for small business and interest charges arising from income, very little, not enough to cover the costs. Therefore, the bank hopes to promote Internet banking, was already in the B2B business achievements of Alibaba as their ideal partner.

2006, bank credit card business into a "circle of people stage," At this point, between Taobao and eBay battle has gradually clear, choose to support Alipay means that many cardholders can provide a more comprehensive experience with the card, can also be equipped with increasingly powerful Taobao this group of "ride", for promotion. At this stage, whether in hope to "free" tactical defeat Taobao and eBay, Paypal, or on the hope to increase the amount of bank card, "expansion" rather than "profit" is the most important task, both sides share the same objectives bigger the market, with Ma's words, is "digging with the reservoir."

This is the first prerequisite in the expansion, banks choose to forego charging bank card transaction fees, with the "free" strategy. After the victory over eBay, Ma Po fully aware of the future potential of payment, to split off from Taobao to focus on expanding outside the Ali Group, the third party payment market.

How to profit when the profit on the back, Ali Group, Taobao and Alipay has maintained remarkable patience and consistency, with Ma saying Taobao Alibaba to raise for 31 years, while Ali, internal, Paypal and there is no profit tasks and deadlines. Their task is still more to dig out the Alibaba Group, "reservoir", rather than immediate cash.

The problem is that banks are not philanthropists, when the Taobao platform volume snowball, they do not want to provide a free lunch, after all, were successfully cross-bank cash withdrawal charges. More practical problem is, they found that many cardholders use to do on Taobao false transactions for credit card cash. The latter means not only loss of the original bank transaction fees, but also lose the interest income.

Worse, banks began to find and pay for treasures in the game, its already down for the next wind. As of August 28, 2008, using the treasure to pay more than 100 million users, Alipay day total more than 450 million yuan transactions, day trading amount in more than two million document. In addition to Taobao and Alibaba, the support the use of payment transaction services Bao has more than 460,000 businesses; cover virtual games, digital communications, business services, airline tickets and other industries. To abandon cooperation with Alipay, you need to face the injury card holder experience, the risk of being abandoned or frozen.

The five participants in a transaction: buyers, sellers, Taobao, Alipay and banks, the "free" on the front or the reality or the Quartet has a strategic value, banks can not charge to any party, the results become The value of those who pay. Open the cover page of today's Taobao, Alipay can see a cooperative relationship with the 12 banks, Minsheng Bank, Shenzhen Development Bank and Industrial Bank, Agricultural Bank of China to support debit card payment only, do not support credit card payments, investment, GF , CITIC, Everbright will pay by credit card spending limit control of single neurons in the 500. While the remaining four in the choice of a high single or limited amount of consumer credits. 4:4:4, the attitude of banks is clearly not uniform.

So, What's next? Select "off" and accept the risks, or continue to stay with Alipay, "develop the market?" Clearly, reality has proven Alipay of "free" mode really the most vulnerable domestic buyers and sellers to accept, but is also undeniable that, banks and other related links on the partners are equally Xu Yao Ye continue to "ride" the Dong Li.

Start period, the company's success, the company often become a stumbling block in the development stage. This is a time-tested rules.

As the industry leader Alibaba C2C, in addition to Taobao and Alipay to support, but also a more positive attitude should address all aspects of industry partners in the chain of circumstances and needs change, through appropriate "external blood transfusion" and benefit-sharing, to ensure that the process of the first row, partners were able to maintain an active status at any time and consistent vision.

All this will depend on whether Ma has once again through the "inverted" to find a balance Famennian. After Oct. 28 Baidu's C2C platform "with ah" high admission and banks are also more options for a cooperative.

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